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Aim at Melanoma
June 2012
2012 Fundraisers



Mikado - JUL 14


North Carolina

Charlotte - NOV 17



Amarillo - JUN 2
Houston - SEP 22


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AIM for a CURE

Men's Wooden Bat
Softball Tournament
Quincy, IL

Saturday - June 2

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AIM for a CURE
Summerfest 2012
Jacksonville, IL

Saturday - JUN 2

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 10th Annual
The Schlip Golf Classic
for Melanoma

 Monday - July 23 - 8:30am

Prestonwood Country Club

Plano, TX


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 7th Annual

KDB Melanoma 5K Run/Walk
Milford, MI

Sunday - OCT 7

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Int'l Melanoma Working Group (IMWG) Research Update

Our IMWG continues to focus on the area of tissue banking -- brain metastases and primary tissue.


A brain metastases tissue bank offers a way of determining which therapies will work in the brain.  Brain metastases, as secondary tumors, account for more than half of all melanoma deaths.


A primary melanoma tissue bank offers the hope of being able to identify those at risk for developing melanoma, melanomas that will progress, and therapies that will work on specific patients.  The latter is especially important, since we know that only a percentage of patients respond to the melanoma drugs that are now approved.


Collecting primary tissue has always been a challenge in the world of melanoma.  In all other cancers, the primary tumor is removed in a hospital.  In melanoma, the majority of primary tumors are removed in the dermatologist's office where it is difficult, if not impossible, to store the tissue properly.


For tissue banks to be of real use, they need to be "annotated" which means that the tissue must come with a great deal of information, including blood and urine samples, and patient medical history.  Then, patient follow-up is critical to determine in which patients the melanoma progresses and in which patients it does not.


The goal of our IMWG continues to be to collect annotated tissue - brain and primary - from around the world.  Later this year, our co-founder Valerie Guild will speak on this topic in Europe and Australia.


Tissue banks have enabled new drugs to be discovered in prostrate cancer, breast cancer, and multiple myeloma.  Our IMWG is focused on making the same possible in melanoma.

Indoor Tanning Legislation Update

Vermont joined California to become the second state in the U.S. to ban minors under the age of 18 from tanning beds.  AIM and our supporters, along with the American Cancer Society, and the Vermont Dermatological Society led the effort.  The law will go into effect on July 1, 2012.


Utah strengthened its existing law, by passing legislation prohibiting a tanning facility from allowing anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning device unless the minor has a written order from a physician or at each time of use the minor is accompanied at the tanning facility by a parent or legal guardian who provides written consent authorizing the minor to use the tanning device.  AIM and our supporters, along with a number of organizations and individuals including Dr. Sancy Leachman - MD, PhD, Director of the Melanoma and Cutaneous Oncology Program at University of Utah School of Medicine, led this effort.


AIM is co-leading the effort in Chicago with Skin of Steel and the American Cancer Society to ban minors under 18 from tanning beds.  AIM is hoping that, should the ordinance pass, it will bolster support for the Illinois state bill and encourage other municipalities to protect youth from tanning beds.

We would like to thank Anne Bowman-AIM Charlotte Chapter President, MaryAnn Gerber, Briana Grout, Bob Heffernan, Paul Hummel, Benjamin Jones, Kristine Kennedy, Dr. Sancy Leachman, Donna Moncivaiz, Katrina Polansky, Donna Regen, Blake Sampson-AIM Boise Chapter President, Kate Stegle, and Sharon Swanger for their support.

To review 2012 legislation by state, click here.


To get involved, contact Samantha at sguild@AIMatMelanoma.org or at 916-706-0599.

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