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Medical Students Screening Course

UT Southwestern Medical Center Training for Medical Students in How to Monitor and Be Alert for Melanoma


What is studied

Students are enrolled in an interactive demonstration session with a faculty member in the Department of Dermatology. The session begins with students viewing a 7-minute video on the life of a young patient who dies from melanoma. Then, they view an instructional video on how to perform a total-body skin exam. A total-body skin exam is then performed on each student. During the exam, the faculty member explains what is being done — to teach the students the different aspects of the skin exam. Skin self-exam is also discussed and what is required to perform the self-exam is demonstrated. Finally, the student performs a total-body skin exam on a mock patient.


The goals of this session are to

  • raise awareness about melanoma among medical students

  • instruct medical students in how to perform a total-body skin exam

  • teach medical students to perform a skin self-examination and encourage them to teach their patients this exam


This course of study and the instructional model will be evaluated in many melanoma centers, to determine its effect on students’ performance of skin examinations after they have completed both the demonstrations and the lectures.


The benefits of this education can be significant in helping improve the incidence of early detection of melanoma by making it a part of the normal physical examination.


Funded by a Grant from the AIM at Melanoma Foundation