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Personal/Family History

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Family History

About 5% to 10% of people with melanomas have a STRONG family history of melanoma, meaning two first-degree relatives or three total family members affected with melanoma. Having multiple first-degree family members (parent, sibling, or children) with melanoma increases your risk of developing melanoma 30 to 70 times. (1)

Personal History  

  • If you've had a past history of melanoma, you are at an increased risk for developing a second primary tumor some time after the original one.

  •  If you've had a past history of melanoma and, in addition, atypical nevi, or a family history of melanoma, your risk is even higher. 



At least 5% of all people who have had one melanoma will develop a new independent melanoma. 


Follow-up Care

Frequent skin examinations are strongly recommended if you've had a previous melanoma.



1. Kefford RF, Newton Bishop JA, Bergman W, Tucker MA. Counseling and DNA Testing for Individuals Perceived to be Genetically Predisposed to Melanoma: A Consensus Statement of the Melanoma Genetics Consortium. J Clin Oncol. 1999;17(10):3245-3251.


Personal History

  • At least 5% of persons who have had 1 melanoma will develop a subsequent, independent melanoma. (1)

  • Regular check-ups with your doctor are recommended.


Family History

  • It is important to be aware of your family history.

  • If you have a family member with melanoma you should be screened by your doctor.