When to Contact Your Doctor

Tell your doctor about any changes you see. If you are concerned that a skin lesion may be melanoma, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor.


If an appointment is not available even after explaining that you are concerned about melanoma, then seek another physician.

Contact your doctor promptly if you detect any of the following changes:

  • Increase in the size of a preexisting mole
  • Change in shape of a preexisting mole, particularly irregular borders
  • Change in color of a preexisting mole, including a darkening, loss of color, or the development of a red area
  • Any unusual oozing or bleeding from a preexisting mole
  • Halo formation around a preexisting mole
  • Itching, tenderness, or (less commonly) pain from a preexisting mole
  • Any unusual sore, lump, blemish, scaling, or marking
  • Appearance of a new mole in previously normal, unpigmented skin
  • Any new or suspicious lesion


If you are worried about the appearance of any of your moles or freckles, see your doctor or specialist immediately.

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