International Survivor Spotlight: José Correia, Portugal

By Mara Klecker José Correia’s melanoma diagnosis was nearly a quarter-century ago, but he is committed to spreading awareness about the disease, especially in his home country of Portugal. The 86-year-old aims to help produce an hour-long television program featuring dermatologists and oncologists sharing information about melanoma prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. He also plans to share his own survival story … Read More

Motherhood and Melanoma: Raleigh Minning, Stage III Melanoma Survivor

By Mara Klecker One of the only times Raleigh Minning cried during her melanoma journey was when she thought of the possibility that her newborn son may not have memories of her if the disease took her life. She’d just undergone a full lymph node dissection—only weeks after giving birth—and was still trying to nurse and pump milk for her … Read More

International Survivor Spotlight: Hedva Gonen, Israel

By Mara Klecker Hedva Gonen received her diagnosis via email while sitting alone in her home in Haifa, Israel. As a biochemist, she didn’t need to turn to the internet to understand the gravity of the words “metastatic melanoma, Stage IV.” The fear came first, followed by a rush of anxiety as she wondered how many months she may have … Read More

How Tennis Star Naomi Osaka is Helping People of Color Protect Their Skin

We’re proud to partner with Mediaplanet on the recently published Skin Health campaign, out today! Skin diseases affect as many as one in three Americans at any given time and skin cancer is still the most common type of cancer worldwide. So with the help of influencers and celebrities — including tennis star Naomi Osaka — as well as medical … Read More

Survivor Profile: Karlee Steele, Stage IIIB Survivor

By Alicia Rowell, Vice President A silent killer. That’s how melanoma was once described to Karlee Steele, and the silent part would turn out to be especially fitting in her case. A resident of Austin, Texas, Karlee has worked in media sales for her entire career, the last ten years with Gannett and the Austin American Statesman. She’s a communicator, … Read More

Survivor Spotlight: Melissa Papock, Founder of Cabana Life

By Mara Klecker Melissa Papock was 26 when she pointed out a small pink spot on her left arm to her dermatologist during a routine body check. She still doesn’t know what compelled her to ask about it — she figured then that it might have been no more than a scar from a mosquito bite — but a biopsy … Read More

Survivor Spotlight: Brian Halvorson

Melanoma and The Sun By Mara Klecker   More than 11,000 students have heard Brian Halvorson tell the story of his melanoma diagnosis and treatment. He grew up in a small town in North Dakota where the favorite summer pastime was hanging out at the pool. By the time he was a teenager, Brian got a job as a lifeguard … Read More

Survivor Spotlight: Acral Melanoma Survivor

Melanoma Can Hide in the Most Unlikely Places By Mara Klecker Lisa first noticed a pale band on her right big toenail about a decade ago, when she was pregnant with her son. She brought it up to her dermatologist at the time, and he said to keep an eye on it, but he wasn’t too concerned. He suspected it … Read More

Survivor Spotlight: Mark Lewis, Stage III Melanoma Survivor

A Partner Through It All By Mara Klecker Mark Lewis was less than a year into his relationship when he noticed swelling in his neck. By then, he’d already undergone two scalp excisions, five years apart, to remove melanoma. Before he got the dreaded news that the cancer was in his lymph nodes, Mark sat down with his partner, Munaf, … Read More

Donor Spotlight: Gina Roller

Friendship is Forever By Mara Klecker Gina Roller’s best friend, Kerri-Lynn Larimer, adopted and lived by the motto “crazy not to” long before she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. For Keri-Lynn there was little question about whether to go forward with something fun or even a little bit wild. With her signature smile and laugh, she’d remind her friends and … Read More