What to Ask Your Doctor About Your Melanoma Diagnosis

You may find it helpful to print out these questions and bring them with you to your next doctor’s visit.

Diagnosis Questions Your Notes

What stage of melanoma do I have?

Will I need additional tests or procedures to confirm the stage of my melanoma?

Did the surgery remove all of the melanoma?

Were there concerning features on the biopsy such as ulceration or high mitotic rate?

Treatment Questions Your Notes

What treatment plan do you recommend? Why?

Do I need additional surgery?

Do I need additional treatment?

What are the side effects of this treatment?

What type of follow-up will I need?

What are clinical trials? Would any be appropriate for me?

What is my prognosis?

Should I get a second opinion?

You Should Also Ask Your Notes

How often should I go for a skin exam?

What are the chances of my melanoma recurring?

What are the chances of developing a new melanoma?

What can I do to reduce my risks of developing another melanoma?

What is the risk of my family members developing melanoma?

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