2024 Virtual & In-Person Symposiums

AIM’s patient-focused Living With Melanoma symposiums have emerged as an invaluable platform for patients and healthcare professionals to come together and exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas. These symposiums play a pivotal role in empowering patients by providing them with essential information about their condition, treatment options, and support networks.

One of the primary benefits of these symposiums is the opportunity for patients to gain insights from leading experts in the field. Renowned oncologists and researchers share their expertise on cutting-edge treatments, clinical trials, and emerging therapies. This knowledge equips patients and their loved ones with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

By providing access to expert knowledge, fostering a sense of community among patients, and promoting advocacy efforts for research advancements; these symposiums play an integral role in improving outcomes for those affected by melanoma.

2024 Schedule


Todas las sesiones del Simposio Virtual "Vivir con Melanoma" de la AIM se graban y se pueden ver gratuitamente a la carta.

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Simposios anteriores de Vivir con Melanoma

  • Kaiser Permanente | Feb. 11, 2023
  • Moffitt Cancer Center | March 4, 2023
  • OHSU | April 29, 2023
    • (Video Not Available)
  • The Angeles Clinic & Research Institute | May 6, 2023
  • UW Carbone Cancer Center| May 20, 2023
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | September 23, 2023
  • Atrium Health Levine Cancer | Nov. 11, 2023
  • Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center | Dec. 2, 2023
  • UPMC  Hillman Cancer Center | March 26, 2022
  • Oregon vs. Melanoma: Uniting to Defeat Deadly Piel Cancer with OHSU | May 10, 2023
    • (Video Not Available)
  • The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute |May 14, 2022
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center | August 27, 2022
  • University of Colorado Cancer Center and Center for Rare Melanoma | September 24, 2022
  • University of Michigan Health Systems | October 1, 2022
  • Providence Cancer Institute | October 7, 2022
  • Saint John’s Cancer Institute | October 29, 2022
  • NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center | December 7, 2022
  • Moffitt Cancer Center | December 14, 2022