Moffitt Cancer Center – Pediatric Melanoma Symposium | Tampa, FL - August 06, 2019

Date: Tuesday – August 6, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM (EST)
Gruden Huddle Room
Moffitt’s McKinley Building
10920 N. McKinley Dr.
Tampa, FL 33612

This free pediatric melanoma symposium is presented by AIM at Melanoma in partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center and is for the parents and family of pediatric melanoma patients.

Remember you can join us via live streaming from the comfort of your home. Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to the symposiums in real time, giving you access to the information presented at each cancer center.

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Presenters and Topics





Welcome and Introductions
Vernon K. Sondak, MD


Welcome and Introductions
Brenda Busby
Director of Community Engagement
AIM at Melanoma


Pediatric Melanoma – The Pediatric/AYA Oncologist’s Perspective
Damon Reed, MD
· What is AYA Oncology and how does it relate to children with melanoma?
· Translating the benefits of breakthroughs in adult oncology to children
· Side effects of modern treatments of special relevance to children
· Clinical trials for children


Pediatric Melanoma – The Pathologist’s Perspective
Jane Messina, MD
· Pathology of pediatric melanoma and related neoplasms
· Understanding diagnostic uncertainty – the Five Shades of Gray
· The role of the Tumor Board in managing pediatric melanoma
· Castle, FISH, CGH, TERT, PDL1? Does my child need those tests?
· Why are some melanomas BRAF+ and not others? What does it mean? Who should be tested for BRAF?


Pediatric Melanoma – The Surgeon’s Perspective
Vernon K. Sondak, MD
· Surgery including sentinel node biopsy
· Who should get a node dissection and why?
· How do we handle it when the pathologists aren’t sure or can’t agree on the diagnosis?
· Moving beyond Interferon – Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy in 2019


Understanding the Importance of a Pediatric Registry
Vernon K. Sondak, MD
· Why a pediatric registry is needed
· Moffitt & AIM's involvement in establishing a registry


Pediatric Melanoma – The Social Worker’s Perspective
Christina Macnamara, LCSW
· Supporting your child, your family and yourself through your child’s melanoma diagnosis and treatment
· How to talk to your kids about their melanoma diagnosis


Adjourn to lunch

* Each presentation is followed by a Q&A

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