OHSU | Portland, OR - May 18, 2019

Co-hosted by OHSU Department of Dermatology
melanoma symposium

Date: May 18, 2019
Time:  12:00pm – 2:45pm (PST)
Robertson Life Sciences Building
2070 SW Moody Avenue
Portland, OR 97201

AIM’s Living With Melanoma Symposiums bring together leading medical and wellness professionals with people affected by melanoma to learn, connect, and share. Whether you are recently diagnosed, are in treatment, or have completed treatment, this is the place for you!

Remember you can join us via live streaming from the comfort of your home. Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to the symposiums in real time, giving you access to the information presented at each cancer center.

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War on Melanoma™: A combined effort of leading dermatologists in the U.S. to end melanoma
Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D.

Hear about each institutions role in the War on Melanoma™. Featuring:

• Susan Swetter, M.D., Stanford University
• Clara Curiel, M.D., University of Arizona
• Lynn Cornelius, M.D., Washington University in St. Louis
• Kelly C. Nelson, M.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas
• Emily Smith, M.D., University of Missouri
• Rhoda Alani, M.D., Boston University School of Medicine
• Debjani Sahni, M.D., Boston University School of Medicine


Keynote. The sentinel node in melanoma: Does it even matter anymore?
Vernon K. Sondak, M.D.
Chair and Program Leader, Cutaneous Oncology
Moffitt Cancer Center, FL


Side effects and decision making
Katie Hennessy, L.C.S.W., O.S.W.-C


Navigating treatment decision-making: An open forum with a multidisciplinary panel
Moderator: Katie Hennessy, L.C.S.W., O.S.W.-C

Dale Han, M.D. Surgical Oncology, OHSU
Elizabeth Berry, M.D., Dermatology, OHSU
Vernon K. Sondak, M.D., Surgical Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center
Reid Thompson, M.D., Ph.D., Radiation Oncology, OHSU
Patient #1 – Sol Survivors Oregon



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