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If you have any questions for the nurse, our nurse hotline may be accessed directly by calling toll-free (US & Canada):

Phone: 1-877-AIM-2MEL or 1-877-246-2635
Email: NurseOnCall@AIMatMelanoma.org


Barbara Smelko has been in the nursing profession for 20 years. She has spent the majority of that time working with cancer patients, a large percentage of which have been melanoma patients. After receiving her Associates Degree in Nursing in 1990, she went to work at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and continued on at the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She is currently working with cancer patients and patients with blood disorders at the Warren Cancer Center—a large community-based center in Pennsylvania.

A dedicated wife and mother of 4, Barbara enjoys the relationships she fosters with her cancer patients. She is an active counselor and confidant who helps patients cope with their cancer diagnosis and navigate through their treatment process. Barbara has a wealth of experience in evaluating patients based on disease state, discussing new problems with patients regarding cancer status, and helping patients manage the side effects of cancer treatment. She welcomes your questions and concerns here at AIMatMelanoma.org.


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