Questions to Ask When Deciding to Enter a Clinical Trial

The doctors and nurses who are running the trial will explain the trial to you in detail and will give you a form to read and sign indicating your desire to take part. This is known as “informed consent.” The decision to enter or withdraw from a trial is totally up to you. Even after signing the consent form and after the clinical trial begins, you are still free to leave the trial at any time, for any reason. Taking part in a clinical trial does not prevent you from getting any other medical care you may need.

You may find it helpful to print out these questions and bring them with you.

QuestionsYour Notes

Am I eligible for a clinical trial and will it help me?

What is the purpose of this trial? What phase of development is it?

What is the treatment and what does it do? Has it been used to treat other types of cancers?

What are the short-term and long-term risks and benefits of this trial?

What tests and treatments does the trial involve? Will I be hospitalized?

Will I know which treatment I am receiving?

How long will the trial last?

What side effects can I expect? How does this compare to my current treatment?

Could my condition become worse during the trial? What will happen if it does?

What other options or choices do I have if I decide not to participate?

What is likely to happen to me with or without getting this treatment?

What type of long-term follow-up care is part of the trial?

Will participating in the trial cost me anything? Will any of the treatment be free?

If I am harmed as a result of this trial, what am I entitled to?

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