Vernon K. Vandevender, Jr.


My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma, which created tumors all through his body and brain. He passed away 2 months and 17 days after diagnosis. I feel that after his first diagnosis 15 years ago and surgery he should have had a CAT or PET scan every few years. He went to his dermatologist yearly. Only a few Melanoma stage 1 or 2 found and removed. Again no suggestions on a follow up. When I questioned why no CAT or PET scan I was told that is not the protocol. Well, I think it should be. Perhaps we could have found this earlier and would have had a few more years. It was a horrible death. This cancer ravaged his body. It was so very hard to watch him die each day. My hope is for this Melanoma group start to change protocols to help save some one else’s life. Thank you, Nancy Vandevender, wife of Verenon K Vandevender Jr.

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