News 12/16/2014

Novogen Announces Breakthrough Discovery in the Treatment of Melanoma

TRXE-009, originally developed for the treatment of brain cancers, has been shown in pre-clinical studies also to be highly active against melanoma.

News 11/19/2014

Skin Cancer Risks: Outdoor Work Contributes To High Melanoma Death Rate For Men Over 45

Twice as many Victorian men over 45 die from melanoma than women of the same age, according to new figures from the Cancer Council of Victoria.

News 11/18/2014

Treatments Show Promise In Metastatic Melanoma

In metastatic melanoma, nivolumab improves overall and progression-free survival versus dacarbazine, and dabrafenib plus trametinib improves survival versus vemurafenib monotherapy, according to two studies.

News 11/10/2014

Skin Cancer Treatment Costs on the Rise

The costs associated with skin cancer increased five times faster than treatments for any other cancer between 2002 and 2011, according to a study released Monday. The findings suggest that Americans are not diligent about protecting their skin from harmful rays, and that health care costs continue to rise.

News 11/05/2014

Common Myths About Skin Cancer Debunked

The beloved sun causes skin cancer. Here are the facts about what that means.

News 11/05/2014

Promising New Cancer Treatment Uses Immune Cells

In the study, those who received the combination of ipilimumab and sargramostim, another drug that gives the immune system a laser-like focus on the proteins found on tumors, survived an average of 17.5 months after the study began, compared to 12.7 months for those who took ipilimumab alone. At the end of a year, nearly 70% of those receiving the combination were alive, while 53% of those in the ipilimumab alone group were.

News 10/30/2014

Skin Cancer U? Students Tan on Campus at Top Colleges

Twelve percent of the nation's top colleges and universities have tanning beds on campus, and nearly half have them either on campus or in off-campus housing, according to a report published online Wednesday in JAMA Dermatology.

News 10/21/2014

NICE Recommends Another New Skin Cancer Drug

NICE has issued final guidance recommending dabrafenib for the treatment of melanoma which has spread or cannot be completely removed by surgery, and which tests positive for the BRAF V600 mutation.

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