President’s Message – July 2018

Melanoma is a frightening disease in the U.S.:  Every day, over 250 people are diagnosed, and every day, over 25 people die.

But melanoma is a global disease, and it requires a global solution. Researchers are working all over the world to find the cure, and we need worldwide collaboration to find it, from the necessity to recruit enough patients for clinical trials to the need for a global variety of primary tumor tissue for research.

From AIM’s inception, we’ve been an international foundation; we’ve always understood that to find the cure we will need the smartest people in the world looking for it—and working together to find it.  Our primary tumor tissue bank is a unique global effort—the only bank of its kind—with four U.S. locations and one international branch.  Our adaptive platform trial, the only one in melanoma in the world, will soon seek patients from Australia to the U.S. to Europe.  And our International Melanoma Working Group, the only international melanoma think tank, comprises 25 of the world’s experts in the disease, and they meet twice yearly to share insights, research, and plans.  Our advocacy and patient support is globally felt, too.  To cite just two examples:  AIM has international patient advocates working in 67 countries around the world, and we’ve shared our online nursing oncology resources with healthcare providers in 87 countries as of today’s writing.

My recent travel calendar reflects this international engagement.  In the last year, I’ve attended conferences in places such as Munich, Madrid, Chicago, San Francisco, and Orlando.  I’ve hosted AIM’s international think tank in Florence and Edinburgh, and AIM’s Women in Melanoma group in D.C.  I co-chaired the Advocacy session at the World Melanoma Congress in Brisbane, AU; spoke at the Melanoma & Immunotherapy Bridge Meeting in Naples, IT; and sat on the panel at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network meeting in Philadelphia. Tiring?  Yes.  But I truly will not rest until the cure is found.

Valerie Guild
Co-Founder & President

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