President’s Message – May 2018

A gentleman once stopped me at a conference, rather dramatically, to compliment AIM, calling us the Mighty Little Foundation That Could, and it stuck with me because it’s true.  We have fewer than ten employees, yet our work is felt globally.  We do a lot with the donations you give us.

I was reminded of this moment last week when I was reading some documents on two of our latest projects.  Both of them will impact patients immensely, but they are very different in scope and audience.

Our Nursing Project has been in existence for less than a year, but its materials have already been used by nurses throughout the U.S. and in 78 countries around the world.  AIM has created a website with comprehensive materials on dealing with the side effects of all the treatments in use for melanoma.  Think for a moment about these new drugs from the healthcare provider perspective: With the dawn of immunotherapy and targeted therapy, nurses must learn a whole new curriculum of side effects, their signs, their treatments, and their severities so that they can better help melanoma patients.  Our Nursing Project’s website and materials are their guides.  You—the patient—are the beneficiaries.

Our Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium (“MTBC”) is gaining attention and anticipation—never has there been a collaborative tissue bank for melanoma, and our University of Pittsburgh branch’s opening is imminent.  To understand the Importance of this tissue bank, read here in the newsletter the biography of Dr. Omid Hamid, of The Angeles Clinic.  Besides telling you about his exceptional work in clinical trials, he also discusses how important our tissue bank will be for melanoma research.  We could not agree more!

Thank you for your gifts to AIM.  With them, we will continue our mighty work: the quest for the cure.

Valerie Guild
Co-Founder & President

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