Stage I Follow-Up

After treatment, all patients with Stage I melanoma should receive a physical examination, including a skin examination, using the following schedule:

Type Description

Skin Examination

Annually by healthcare provider
Monthly self-examination


Years 1-5: every 3-12 months
After Year 5: annually as needed
Monthly self-examination of lymph nodes

Imaging Tests

Possibly to check for specific symptoms

All patients with Stage I melanoma should have a skin examination once a year. A physical examination should be performed every 3-12 months for the first 5 years, then once a year as needed. The frequency of the physical examinations depend on the perceived level of risk for new primary melanomas and for the recurrence of the previous tumor. Imaging tests are performed for specific symptoms.

Survival Rates

Good News!

With the right surgery, patients with Stage I melanoma are considered at low risk for local recurrence or for regional and distant metastases. Therefore early detection of melanoma through skin self-examination and physical examination continues to be of utmost importance.

Large scale studies have shown the following probabilities of disease-free survival. Keep in mind that the statistics shown for survival are averages; everyone’s cancer and survival rate is based on many factors and determined on an individual basis.

5 years after treatment1 10 years after treatment1

Stage IA: 97%

Stage IA: 95%

Stage IB: 92%

Stage IB: 86%


1. American Cancer Society 2016

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