Carole Jacobson – 10/10/2016

Diagnosed 10/10/2016


I’ve now lived comfortably with Mucosal Melanoma for 2-1/2 years using surgeries as my only treatment. Recently, I scheduled my fifth (5th) surgery to remove my nasal tumor again. Before the surgery date, the tumor fell out of my nose!!! No pain, no extra bleeding,  it just fell out when I blew my nose!!

My surgeon shook his head and said “The more years I work in medicine, the more things I see I cannot explain”. My surgeon is in his 36th year of practice.

Phenomenon? Mystery? Miracle? Answered prayers? I don’t know but I’m grateful! I’m sure the tumor will grow back and I’ll have surgery sometime again. The cancer has spread to other areas in the last year – but for now, a reprieve!

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