Carole Jacobson – 10/10/2016

Diagnosed 10/10/2016

Mucosal Melanoma – The cancer no one hears about because it happens to one in 25 million people! All the stories I’ve read about this fast growing disease are short tales of suffering through chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, with no survivors.

Naturopathic treatments have the longest success – 18 months. I tried natural remedies every day for 4 months, eating and drinking 7 different things to kill cancer – with no effect. Having 4 surgeries in a year to remove the tumor and each time it grew back has been palliative care.

I AM LUCKY for 2 reasons – the tumors are in my rear sinus cavities so it is easier to remove than other mucosal areas of the body. March, 2018 is 22 months for me and now the cancer has spread to other areas. I have had plenty of time to see every important person I love, time to prepare for the end of life in every way, and time to make the best of life EVERY day.