Sandra Jacques – 09/03/2015

Date Diagnosed  09/03/2015

I have a choroidal melanoma found on a routine every 6 month visit to the eye doc.  My original stage was Class 2A.  It was located next to the Uvea.  I was admitted to The James Wexner Hospital of the Ohio State University on Oct 29.  A radiation patch was applied against the bottom of the tumor by releasing one of the eye muscles temporarily.  I was in the hospital until Nov. 2 when the patch was removed and the eye muscle reattached.  Hopefully this will be the only treatment needed.  Over time I may lose vision since the melanoma was located next to the fovea which gives you clear vision.  Currently, Nov. 14, I am doing well although my vision is blurry due atropine drops.  The drops were stopped on Nov. 9 so there is a slow improvement.  I am still using the steroid/antibiotic drops.  The stage after the chromosome studies were done on the tissue is 1B which gives me a medium risk of recurrence, most likely in the liver.  I will be followed by an oncologist to scan for recurrence.

My biggest challenge is that I also have system lupus which is mild=moderate, BUT I have recently, just before my eye, diagnosed with interstitial lung and was to start on a biological known as Cellcept and increase my daily dose of prednisone.  That was all delayed due to my eye.  Now the concern is, what can be used to treat the lung disease without causing the tumor to grow.  I am going to a special oncologist who treats a lot of melanoma to see if I can get an answer.