Melanoma Research

Transforming How Clinical Benefits are Achieved

AIM understands that breakthroughs happen when you engage the right people, promote innovative ideas, and provide access to cutting-edge research tools and resources.  Our global initiatives are fundamentally changing the face and future of research to advance the discovery of the CURE.

AIM at Melanoma Research Efforts

Our International Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium (IMTBC) is the first multi-institutional tissue bank of its kind for melanoma.

International Melanoma Working Group

Bringing together leading researchers to reshape the future of melanoma treatment

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Brain Metastases Tissue Bank & Clinical Trial

Providing researchers with the resources needed to continue this important work

Collaborative Adaptive Trials (MICAT)

Creating collaborative among researchers and industry to find faster, more effective melanoma treatments

International Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium

Creating the first international bank with fresh frozen primary melanoma tissue for public and private research

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The Time is Now. Help Us Find the Cure.

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Global Advocacy

AIM is the most influential voice in melanoma, locally and globally.

AIM Mission

AIM is globally engaged and locally invested in advancing the battle against melanoma through groundbreaking research, legislative reform, education, and patient and caregiver support.

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AIM is dedicated to finding the CURE by transforming clinical research.

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