Pay It Forward

AIM’s Peer Connect mentoring program carefully pairs newly diagnosed melanoma patients with melanoma survivors who have had their own melanoma experience. Our mentors provide support, encouragement, and special insights that can only come from someone who has been on the same journey. The program offers flexibility for both mentors and the people with whom they are matched.

Volunteer Peer Mentoring

As a melanoma survivor, you are uniquely equipped to give the gift of support and hope to someone who has been recently diagnosed. You will receive training in order to provide the best possible support to newly diagnosed patients. As a volunteer peer mentor, you will:

  • Agree to program guidelines and complete training
  • Support someone going through a similar experience with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding
  • Help a patient adjust to living with melanoma and through treatments, giving them the opportunity to live more fully through survivorship
  • Listen nonjudgmentally and provide a safe space for someone to be themselves wherever they are in their journey
  • Provide non-medical support in terms of information and resources that the patient may wish to explore
  • Encourage patients to raise concerns with their physician and medical team
  • Be open to ongoing training and coaching

To become a volunteer peer mentor, you must have completed your melanoma treatment at least six months prior to participation.

Interested in Becoming a Peer Connect Mentor?

We’re grateful to the survivors and caregivers who are willing to share their experiences and insights as volunteer peer mentors. If you’re interested in helping other patients and making rewarding connections, consider applying to become a Peer Connect volunteer.

For more information on our peer-to-peer support program, Peer Connect, please call us at 415-233-3773 or send us an email to

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