Melanoma Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals turn to AIM for critical and current information that they use with patients every day. AIM has created three distinct healthcare professional websites that offer myriad resources for those who treat patients with melanoma and other cancers. Below are general descriptions of these portals and their resources. For healthcare professionals who want access to these websites and materials, please contact

Melanoma Nurse website: Since its launch in 2017, the portal has been used by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals from major cancer centers and community hospitals in all 50 states and 127 countries. The Melanoma Nurse Initiative (MNI) and the website offer resources for health care providers (HCPs) to use in practice, to use for their own education, or to provide to patients. The site includes

  • Care step pathways
  • Toolkits
  • Patient action plans
  • Videos
  • Symptom tracker
  • Decision-support tools
  • International resources
  • BRAF resources for day-to-day practice

Immunotherapy essentials website: This site is modeled after the melanoma nurse website but designed to educate healthcare professionals in all cancers for which immunotherapy has been approved. Our melanoma nursing website was so successful, AIM was asked to create one for all immunotherapy and all cancers. Offerings are similar to those above.

Certified Education website ( This site offers continuing education for oncology doctors and nurses. A sampling of past and current offerings includes 

  • The JCO Oncology Practice Supplement: supports interdisciplinary management of complex immune-related adverse events, bringing together physicians and advanced practice providers
  • The JADPRO Supplement: helps providers apply the care step pathways and patient action plans in practice across tumor types
  • Clinical Journal of Oncology Supplement: introduces the MNI initiative and its resources including the care step pathways and patient action plans
  • A free-standing melanoma CME with case-based learning that illustrates the use of the MNI resources 
  • BRAF/targeted therapy continuing education activity