2024 Steps Against Melanoma Walks

Prepare your black awareness attire, as AIM’s Steps Against Melanoma Walks are set to return in 2024, bigger and better than ever—and your presence is highly anticipated! These annual walks are a great way to raise awareness and funds for melanoma research while also showing support for those who have been affected by this disease.

Melanoma, the most lethal variant of skin cancer, claims more than 8,000 lives annually in the United States. It indiscriminately targets individuals of any age, gender, or race, underscoring the urgency for collective action in pursuit of a cure.

AIM at Melanoma is committed to advancing groundbreaking research, while offering education and support to individuals affected by melanoma. Engaging in our Steps Against Melanoma Walks enables you to contribute to these vital efforts and raise awareness about this potentially fatal disease.

Why We Walk

Participating in Steps Against Melanoma is the foremost method of raising funds to combat melanoma, and your involvement and fundraising efforts are pivotal. The funds you generate contribute to AIM’s innovative research projects, including our pioneering International Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium.

Attending a Steps Against Melanoma Walk leaves an unforgettable impression – leaving you feeling empowered, hopeful, excited, and proud, among other profound emotions.

Listening to uplifting stories from survivors and joining a united crowd dressed in black creates an unforgettable experience that will resonate with you throughout the year. If you can’t make it to a physical event, don’t fret! You have the option to participate virtually in any of our walks, allowing you to contribute from any location in a manner that suits you best.

But the walks are not just about raising funds and awareness; they also serve as a powerful platform for education. Whether you are a melanoma survivor, caregiver, or simply interested in learning more about the disease, the walks offer informational booths and resources to help increase your understanding of melanoma and its impact on individuals and families.

Furthermore, by joining a Steps Against Melanoma walk, you become part of a larger movement that aims to bring an end to this deadly disease. Your participation helps spread awareness and encourages others to get involved in the fight against melanoma. Together, we can make a difference and work towards finding a cure.

So join us at our next Steps Against Melanoma Walk and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Volunteer on the Planning Committee for your Local Steps Against Melanoma Walk!

Together, we will brainstorm ideas for participant recruitment, local sponsorship, fundraising, and how to best deliver AIM’s mission throughout the planning season and on event day.

For 20 years, AIM at Melanoma’s walks have been a symbol of hope and support for our community. We would love to have you join us and help deliver a special event day for all who have been touched by melanoma.

To learn more, please reach out to us at DonorServices@AIMatMelanoma.org 

We are ready for you to join today!

2024 Locations

These events are subject to change. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

Tampa, Florida

Dallas, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Birmingham, Alabama

Long Island, New York

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mother Lode, California

San Diego, California

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Louisville, Kentucky

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bay Area, California

Los Angeles, California

Nashville, Tennessee

Phoenix, Arizona