AIM at Melanoma’s walks have been a symbol of hope and support for our community. We have walked in rain, wind, sleet, and sunshine, always with the same goal in mind, to fund lifesaving melanoma research.

Our priority is the health and safety of the melanoma community. For this reason, AIM has made the difficult decision to shift our fall 2021 Steps Against Melanoma Walks to virtual walks.

These walks are virtual, but the funds they raise are very real and very needed. Melanoma hasn’t stopped for the coronavirus pandemic, but everything from screenings to treatment has been disrupted. The support we provide and the hope our research initiatives generate have never been more important. People affected by melanoma need us—and they need you, too.

Please support any of our walks listed below.

Nashville, Tennessee

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Milford, Michigan

Tampa, Florida

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Louisville, Kentucky

Dallas, Texas

Bay Area, California

New York, New York

Portland, Oregon

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California

Houston, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Why We Walk

Steps Against Melanoma participants share reasons why they are walking in their local Steps Against Melanoma event.  Some walk to celebrate their own victory over melanoma, and some walk to honor and remember those who have overcome melanoma, are currently fighting it, or are no longer with us. Please join us in the fight to #endmelanoma. (Click the image below to hear from our 2020 coordinators)

Thank You To Our 2021 National Walk Sponsors

Thank You To Our 2021 Media Partners