Chat With Us!

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with melanoma and have questions about the disease, AIM is here for you. We can provide reliable information about melanoma, direct you to resources, and help you navigate our website.
We welcome you to chat online with us Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT.

Online Chat Disclaimer

We do not provide medical advice or diagnose medical conditions. AIM’s LiveChat is not a substitute for talking with a health care professional.

Note: If you have a medical question, such as a question about treatment options, side effects, or your pathology report, please use AIM’s Ask a Melanoma Medical Expert. You’ll talk with Melissa Wilson, PA-C, MPAS, our melanoma physician assistant who is up to date about the latest treatments and care.


Is there really a person on the other end?

Yes. AIM’s LiveChat is staffed by real people. By typing, you will have a live conversation with one of our staff members.

What kind of information is available through AIM’s LiveChat?

We can answer general questions about melanoma, offer you melanoma resources, and help you navigate AIM’s website. We cannot offer medical advice or diagnose medical problems, but we are happy to assist you in finding someone who can.

Do the people on the other end know who I am?

No. AIM’s staff member will only know what web page you were on when you clicked the LiveChat button and whatever you type into the chat.

Can someone else on the Internet listen in?

No.  The session is one-on-one only. AIM’s LiveChat is not a “chat room.”