After Treatment

Living as a Melanoma Survivor

Completing melanoma treatment can be both relieving and stressful. You may be relieved because you’ve been told you have no evidence of disease (NED) but stressed that the melanoma may come back. You may be relieved because you’ll spend less time at your doctor’s office but stressed that you won’t be monitored as closely as you have been. And so on.

It may take a while before your confidence in your own recovery begins to feel real and your fears are somewhat relieved. Even with no recurrences, people who have had cancer learn to live with uncertainty.

Your melanoma follow-up care is a critical part of your life as a survivor. Read more in this section about recurrence and follow-up care for each stage of melanoma. And your physical, mental, and emotional care are equally critical. We have lots of information to share with you in our Life After Treatment and Survivorship sections.