Which Health Professionals Will I See?

After a melanoma diagnosis, you may be cared for by a range of health professionals who specialize in different aspects of your treatment, especially if you have a melanoma with a Breslow thickness greater than 1mm, or if the melanoma has spread. These professionals are often referred to as a cancer care team. Your team may include some or all of the health professionals described in the table below, depending on the severity of your melanoma and the treatment center at which you are seen:

Health Professional Role
GP (General Practitioner) Assists with treatment decisions and works with your specialists to provide ongoing care
Dermatologist Specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, including melanoma
General surgeon Performs surgery to remove the melanoma; skin reconstruction; and surgery on the lymph nodes
Reconstructive (plastic) surgeon Specializes in complex skin reconstruction
Surgical oncologist Specialist cancer surgeon; removes melanomas and conducts more complex surgery on the lymph nodes and other organs
Medical oncologist Specializes in treating cancer with drug therapies such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Radiation oncologist Prescribes and coordinates the course of radiotherapy
Nurse Administers treatment and provides care and support throughout your treatment
Cancer care coordinator Coordinates your care, liaises with other members of your team and supports your family
Counselor, social worker, psychologist Your link to support services, provides emotional support and helps manage anxiety and depression
Palliative care team Specializes in pain and symptom control to maximize well-being and improve quality of life