Empower Your Practice with AIM at Melanoma Educational Materials

AIM at Melanoma is proud to offer an array of educational materials designed specifically for medical practices, including dermatologists, general practitioners, and oncologists. Our extensive collection of resources, such as rack cards and posters, is carefully designed to boost melanoma awareness, encourage early detection, and offer valuable information to newly diagnosed patients, aiding them in understanding their diagnosis.

How Can You Utilize Our Materials?

  • Waiting Rooms: Transform waiting areas into educational spaces where patients can learn about melanoma risks, signs, and prevention.
  • Consultations: Use our materials as conversation starters or to reinforce verbal advice, helping ensure patients leave your office informed and empowered.
  • Community Outreach: Extend your impact beyond the clinic by distributing materials in local communities, schools, and events.

Why AIM at Melanoma?

An important part of our work is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to educate and inform their patients about melanoma.

AIM at Melanoma’s materials are:

  • Evidence-Based Approach: Crafted in partnership with top melanoma experts, our resources guarantee that your practice provides up-to-date and trustworthy information.
  • Captivating and Educational: Our materials are meticulously designed to grab attention and impart crucial knowledge efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We provide a broad spectrum of strategies for prevention, methods for early detection, and guidance for those newly diagnosed.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or need personalized advice on integrating our materials into your practice? We are here to help. Please contact Ann Garst Taylor, Director of Community Engagement, Ann@AIMatMelanoma.org


Rack Cards

One common tool used for patient education is rack cards. These simple and cost-effective promotional pieces are printed in full color on heavy cardstock, making them visually appealing and durable. The standardized size of AIM’s rack cards is 4″ x 9″, allowing them to fit into display racks or countertop holders for easy access.

To request any of our rack cards, kindly fill out the form provided below. Allow us up to 48 business hours to send you a confirmation.


Our 11×17 posters are printed on high-quality heavy stock paper and can be displayed with or without a frame, depending on your preference. Each poster features a convenient QR code that directs patients to specific pages on our website for further information, ensuring quick and easy access.

Educational Materials Order Form for Medical Practices

Limit of 200 rack cards (each version) for clinical practice use and a Limit of three (3) posters (each version) for clinical practice use

Rack Cards