Survivor Stories

Debbie Sneed

Diagnosed 12/28/1992

Original diagnosis was December 1992 – ulcerated “spot” under my left breast. In January 1993, they did a wide excision – got clear margins and sent me on my way. During a very stressful time in my life I knew something wasn’t right – after 8 months of testing, a simple CT showed a large mass in my abdomen. Two surgeons speculated that it was a recurrence of my melanoma – 22 years later in 2015. They were right. A softball sized tumor wrapped around my colon, a baseball sized tumor at the base of my duodenum were removed. A golfball sized tumor near my kidney remained. I took all 4 doses of Yervoy with little to no side effects. It got rid of the tumor near my kidney and I have been NED since November of 2015. Currently having scans every 6 months. Praise God for the research and new treatments available!