Survivor Stories

E. Wayne Stolhand, Stage 0

Diagnosed 04/25/1997

All the dates here may be off a little,  but will be fairly close.

My brother was diagnosed in 1979,  with a melanoma on his left arm in a late stage. They removed an area the size of a 1/2 baseball from his left arm and then his lymph nodes under his arm. Two years later it metastasized to his brain and other areas of his body. He was treated with radiation to the spot and then as it spread to other areas he had several different treatments. One year later he passed away.

I, myself, was diagnosed with melanoma on my forehead in 1997. I had it removed by Dr. Leong at UCSF. In 2007, it metastasized to my lungs. They removed a wedge out of my left lung and removed the upper 1/3 of my right lung. In 2018, a new spot of melanoma was found on top of my head. To date,  I still have only had removal and no other treatments.

My Faith in a living Jesus and always planning ahead for the next adventure has always kept me motivated to enjoy all that life has in store for me. Twenty-one years have passed since my first diagnosis and l continue to look forward to each day,  one day at a time and always have an adventure planned for the future.