Survivor Stories

Jennifer Consiglio

Diagnosed 07/01/2019

In July, I had a visit with the dermatologist for a slight rash that developed on my face. She said that she suspected it must be hormonal. So she subscribed me some cream to put on it. As I was getting ready to leave the office,  I heard an inner voice telling me to have her look at my back. Sure enough there was an abnormal mole. It was located upper right and close to the center of my back. She felt that it needed to be cut off and sent in for a biopsy. I got a call four days later telling me that it came back as t1a melanoma and I needed surgery right away to have it removed. So I scheduled my surgery a week later. I was told after the surgery that my margins were clear. Thank God.

And yesterday, I went in for my three month check up and had another removed on the left side of my neck. She said it looked suspicious and wanted to send it in to be safe. I’m now waiting on the results.