Survivor Stories

Louise Naylor, Stage IV

Date Diagnosed: 07/30/2010

It appeared as a pin point size on my upper lip.  It was the size of a pin point. I did not think it was anything to be of concern. Two years it was hard and it had increased in in size. Tt was Bx and came with depth 5.5 more.

Treatment was interferon for a year. 3 years to the liver. I had surgery at Duke. 3 small resections. next drug was yervoy. Next drug was keytruda. I received this drug for 20 months. Symptoms muscle aches and pain. Lost control of my legs at times. I had severe inflammation of joints and lungs. I received steroids for 6 weeks. I tolerated it well. I had melanoma in both lung fields. going on 8 years out, 1 stable nodule in left lower lobe, Back to Duke every 3 months for scans. I feel the best I have in years. I have my energy back.

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank my husband and Duke. I also thank the cancer center in SC. The prayers and masses that were said for me. There is certainly a spirit side to my recovery.

Stay positive and laugh a lot. I was a different person when I was receiving interferon. My friends told me they lost the old Lou. I thought I was going to be OK. I was very tired. I give keytruda credit for my extended life. Stay positive. Being in the medical field made a difference also.