Survivor Stories

Rene’ Scott, Stage I

Diagnosed: 06/08/2015

In 2005, I had one small melanoma, stage 1, four months after my husband passed away. Four months later, I had another one on my cheek that was called a beauty mark by my skin doctor. I had a check up coming up with my oncology office, and told him the spot was growing. He sent me down to his doctor to look at it. It was a stage 1 as well and it was taken care of.

Eleven years later I had the first flu in forty years. My doctor said lets get an x-ray to check your lungs. Lo and behold many spots on both sides.

I was never a smoker so I wasn’t too worried at the time. I thought it might be shadows. What do I know! It was melanoma, but they took eight months to find out where it came from. It seems as the cells in the cheek were quietly sitting there all those years and decided to move on to the lungs. Good thing I had that flu. I have been on Keytruda for fifteen months now, and I have had no real side effects to speak of, and no lost weight, if anything I gained a few pounds. The lungs are looking much better each time I have a scan and everything is stable as of now. God has blessed me with good health so far, and it looks like he is still at it.

I get afraid at times being alone with this, but I know it is going to be okay in the end. I wish everyone well!