Survivor Stories

Robert Grant

Diagnosed 02/01/1974

While serving in the US Air Force in the Philippines I woke up one morning with blood all over my bed and legs. I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my left calf the size of a nickel. It was just a mole or so I thought.

I was flown back to the states for emergency treatment and months of tests. In May of 1974 I was faced with the amputation of my left leg. By the grace of God, it was determined that amputation was not necessary as some of the test results were in error.

A thousand stitches and skin grafts held my leg together till I was able to walk again.

Melanoma kills. It is a silent death warrant if not caught early. I was lucky but many have died from it.

I wrote the true story, Touched by the Finger of God, to help bring awareness to others. It is worth sharing to save lives.