Survivor Stories

Spencer Martin, Stage III

Diagnosed 03/01/2010

My original diagnosis of malignant melanoma stage III was in 2010. At that time I had my right ear removed and 3 lymph nodes. One of the lymph nodes tested positive for melanoma. Due to a heart condition,  I participated in a clinical studies program, rather than the standard of care which would have been a radical neck dissection and immunotherapy. I was scanned every 90 days for disease progression.
In 2012, the cancer returned in the lymph nodes in my neck. Treatment consisted of a radical neck dissection of the right side and 11 aggressive radiation treatments of my jaw and neck area.
In 2015, tumors were identified in my adrenal gland and spleen area. After biopsy verification, I started treatment which consisted of 19 immune therapy treatments. Along with the infusions, I participated in a clinical trial study drug.
The treatments stoped the growth of the tumors.. I’m currently being monitored with six months scans.
Its been 8+ years since my original diagnosis..
In the last 10 years there has been amazing progress in the treatment of melanoma. Due to these advances I’m still here…