Survivor Stories

Vincent Leseney, Stage III

I was diagnosed with stage III B melanoma at age 42.  In the summer of 2012, a malignant mole was removed from my right shoulder blade.  Although initial scans did not reveal any metastases, my doctors, in Oklahoma, were not optimistic about the treatment options available.  Then, good fortune intervened.  Dr. Jagan Sastry, Professor, Immunology at MD Anderson, a father of one of my former students, heard of my situation and insisted I travel from Oklahoma to meet his friend, Dr. Patrick Hwu, Division Head, Cancer Medicine; Chair, Melanoma Medical Oncology.  Dr. Hwu and my new friends at MD Anderson melanoma clinic quickly set about attacking my disease.  By this time, I had developed tumors in my brain and lungs.  I received two gamma knife procedures and three different types of chemo and immune therapy.  Now, my tumors are almost immeasurably small and my outlook is bright.  I thank God every day of MD Anderson and the work this great institution is doing to make cancer history.