The Melanoma Learning Center

Where Patients AND Professionals Go For Melanoma Education

Our Melanoma Learning Center is a virtual hub for all types of melanoma education. We provide reliable, relevant, and current information about all aspects of melanoma for patients, families, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and others interested in the disease.

Resources for Patients, Caregivers, and Families

AIM’s patient and caregiver resources are an extensive library of educational materials covering every aspect of melanoma.  From thorough explanations of each stage of melanoma to exhaustive charts of known side effects of every drug used to treat melanoma, patients and those who support them will find information on every topic they seek—and more.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals 

Nurses and physicians also turn to AIM for critical and current information that they use in their practices every day.  From Continuing Medical Education offerings for both nurses and physicians to an online database of treatments and their side effects, AIM offers myriad resources for those who treat melanoma patients.  Below are general descriptions of these offerings.  For healthcare professionals who want access to these professional sites and materials, please contact Tom Davis.

Professional resources include the following and more:

    • Nursing care step pathways: assessment and management strategies for patients on every type of melanoma treatment
    • Patient resources: printable patient action plans for every type of melanoma treatment
    • Q&A Community: professional online community to discuss melanoma patient care and treatment Melanoma Nursing Website: The only one of its kind, designed to provide healthcare professionals one location for education on melanoma.  Since its launch in 2017, the website has been used by thousands of healthcare professionals in all 50 states and 127 countries and continues to receive new visitors daily.  Offerings include:
  • Immunotherapy Essentials Website: website modeled after the melanoma nursing website, designed to educate healthcare professionals in all cancers for which immunotherapy has been approved. Our melanoma nursing website was so successful, AIM was asked to create one for all immunotherapy and all cancers.
  • JADPRO: A new JADPRO CE supplement on the management of immune-related adverse events, Immuno-Oncology Therapy Essentials: Proactive Management of Immune-Related Adverse Events

Resources for the International Community 

AIM collaborates with organizations across the globe in their efforts to increase awareness about melanoma, change public perceptions, empower melanoma patients to take an active role in their care, and effect change in regulatory policies to optimize treatment and care. To accomplish this, AIM works to raise both the funds and the international profile of melanoma in order to substantially increase support for innovative and groundbreaking research efforts.

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