Announcing AIM’s Advisory Board

AIM at Melanoma is pleased to announce the formation and inaugural meeting of our ADVISORY BOARD, which took place in New York in January. The Board is Chaired by Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical College in Manhattan.

Advisory Board members were selected by Dr. Jacobs for their outstanding leadership in their fields, and their interest in advancing the mission of AIM.

Dr. Jeff Wayne, Head of Surgical Oncology at Northwestern Medical Center, spoke at the first meeting.

AIM at Melanoma welcomes and thanks the members of this fantastic group.

Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, Chair
Scott Bass
Marc Betesh
Rae Boylan
Claire Capeci
Vira Capeci
Christopher Cerf
Bonnie Copp
Florence Davis
Catherine Hughes
James Kelly
Charlotte Kingham
Steven Lipin
Robert MacNeil
Robert Masella
Dr. Carl Nathan
Mitchell Nelson
Tom Quick
Suzanne Rosenberg
Debra Rosenfeld
Andy Stern
Marc Utay
Vincent Tese
Ken Wasserman
John Weidman
Tadd Wessel

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