Facebook Fundraising Superstars

Donating your birthday to AIM brings valuable dollars to our important work, and we hope it will make your birthday feel even more special. Your Facebook fundraisers help our organization tackle melanoma on all fronts: research, patient and caregiver services, and advocacy. Facebook users can choose from 750,000 U.S. nonprofits to donate to, and we are grateful that you chose AIM at Melanoma.  Thank you for your generous support.  We cannot do what we do without you.

Our Facebook Fundraising Superstars!

Ali Lee
Amber Caruthers
Amy Clark
Anastasiya Moi Seyeva
Andrew Parenteau
Andrew Raper
Andrew Shapiro
Angelica Roth
Anna Hall
Anna Kate Stone
Anne Marie Benton
Ariel Cristina
Ashley Astarita Bennett
Bonnie File
Brandon Cox
Brian R. Uhlmann
Brittany Smith
Brittany Spiers
Bruce McCown
Cheryl Kendall Menchaca
Christine Voight-McCauley
Cindy Phelps Thomase
Courtney Howell
Crystal Jones McDonald
Crystal Stanley
Cynthia Johnson
Dale Marie Hanson Torres
Del Castillo Marta
Denise Hess
Diana Ortiz-Rivera
Don Worley
Donna Helm Regen
Donna Mitchell-Alexander
Elani Streja
Felicia Ann Valadez
Heather Sobik
Jacklynn Doyle
Jamie Heltsley
Janice Carawan
Jas Anderson
Jeni Ezykowich
Jennifer Childress Martin
Jennifer Mills
Jennifer Nicole Brown
Jennifer Schmitz Snodgrass
Jermaine Wilson
Jill Harrison Gribble
JJ McLaughin
Judy Miller Cessna
Justine Lynn
Karen Beach
Katie Cummins Fulfer
Katie Rinehart
Kay Copeland
Kelby Combest
Kelsey Pierce
Keven Lomax Sr.
Krystal Luckhart Jacobs
Le-Nhu Nguyen
Lisa Dennis
Lori Spicer Lawson
Louise Rudow
Marcia Wanser
Mary Skoglund
Mateesa Crowley
Matt Wright
Maureen Guinan
Megan Matrone
Meghan Sullivan
Michelle Jenkins
Nick Verlinden
Nicole Heisse
Nikki Moon
Nikki Tichy
Patricia Long
Penny Nichols Holley
Rachael Fitzsimmons
Rachel Scott Elrod
Rally4Ross| April Muhlbauer
Robin Greger
Sara Kalina Martin
Shannon Hayes Gilreath
Shelby Lynn
Sherry James
Stacey Smith Merrill
Stevie McBrien
Suz Turner
Tanya Cox
Tara Routh
Teresa Kelley
Tiffany Frampton
Tiffany Painter Newland
Valentina Poddi Loche
Valerie Terrizzi
Vera Matovic
Veronica Lynn Michell Goins
Wanda Curtis

Happy Facebook Birthday to You

The new Facebook fundraising tool allows users to create a fundraising page and ask friends for donations to their favorite nonprofit, like AIM.

How Can You Donate Your Birthday to AIM?

Nikki Tichy used her birthday to raise money for AIM at Melanoma.

Go to Facebook fundraising

Enter “AIM at Melanoma” in the search bar

Enter the amount you’d like to raise and the deadline to donate

Give your fundraiser a catchy title and tell your story

Select a cover photo

Click the “publish” button



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