Survivor Stories

Barbara Regis, Stage III

Diagnosed 04/03/2018

I am a PA and I have cared for patients for over 20 yrs. I noticed a bump on my arm and decided to observe for a while as so much was going on and essentially my practice came first. I decided to finally get checked out, along with a likely squamous cell carcinoma on my face. Even the differential diagnosis from my dermatologist was not melanoma. Well, I have Stage 3 amelanocytic melanoma. I had surgery and 3 hours ago my surgeon called letting me know that 2-3 lymph nodes were positive for less then 1mm micro metastasis. Tomorrow I meet with my Oncologist. I am sad and scared. I feel horrible for my husband. I have a lot of living to do! I am publishing a book about healthcare advocacy and  last night I added a chapter about this. I  would love to hear from any of you at any time. This is just crazy. I never thought I would be diagnosed. I am humbled and hoping to beat this because I have lots left to do and lots of family time needed!