Survivor Stories

Carrie Jeffries, Stage I

Diagnosed  08/06/2018


I went in for my annual dermatology appointment on August 1 and my dermatologist said “I don’t like the way this looks – I thought it was a pimple but it’s not. I’m taking it off!” I wasn’t super happy about the huge hole in my back during tank top weather but I have had many moles removed so I got over it. On August 6, she called and said it was melanoma. I just couldn’t fathom what she was saying and immediately burst into tears. I am never in the sun because I hate being hot 🙂 and if I am, I always wear sunscreen so it just didn’t compute. She explained that the damage was likely done when I was younger and that is when I started my journey of educating myself on melanoma and prevention of it. I had my surgery on August 23 – I will be honest, the recovery has not been fun but it is bearable! Just take everything slow and let your body heal – don’t push it. I posted on Instagram for the first time today – I was wary of doing it because I don’t like all eyes on me. However, I have a new sense of obligation to spread awareness to anyone and everyone. I also know this is going to be a journey – my battle is not over so having support from my network is nothing but positive! I am optimistic and ready to fight!