Survivor Stories

Christina Casas, Stage I

Diagnosed 04/15/2019

I first noticed a brown spot behind my right ear when it started itching and I asked my mom what was behind my ear. She said, “Christina, it’s a mole!” I knew for a fact I didn’t have that a couple of years ago. As a nursing student, I knew the ABC’S of melanoma and my mole fit all the diagnosis of melanoma. I went to my primary care and they referred me to a derm. At the derm. they took a biopsy , the biopsy came back as a “nevus.” Oh, what a relief!

Well, I went to have Mohs surgery preformed a week later just to be on the safe side. I received a call from the physician confirming my diagnosis of melanoma. Even though he said mine was at the early stages, my eyes couldn’t help but water. I am only 23, I have a 2 year old, I am trying to finish nursing school, I do not go out in the sun much…etc.

I went last week to have more skin removed from behind my ear. It hurt worse than the first time because the site was still raw and the incision was larger. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My physician told me it was more than likely due to genes since it was found behind my ear. I now apply sunscreen on my daughter and I before we go outside and try to spread awareness to my family. I will be having a skin exam this week and we will go from there. I want to finish nursing school and be a dermatology nurse practitioner and provide a future for my little girl and watch her grow.