Survivor Stories

Dave Bradford, Stage IV

I started with a black spot on my left shoulder that starting bleeding. On December 31 (new years eve) 2008 the dermatologist called to tell me it was melanoma.  Since that time, 2008 to 2013, I have had four surgeries and was told in June 2014 that I was stage 4.  At my next doctor’s appointment, I chose YERVOY.  I completed the four series of injections in September.  The next PET in mid October showed a 40 percent reduction in hot spots.  I will see my new dermatologist in April 2015 for another PET scan.  I continued to do all of the things I was doing prior to June. The biggest challenge was staying positive and not acting like I was stage 4.  I still run with my Greyhound daily and fish often.