Survivor Stories

Gail Campbell

Diagnosed 11/14/2019

My doctor and I had been “watching” this mole for years… (See picture 1) It may be difficult to see but there is a red mark where there was a twin mole beside this one. It had been removed about 6 years earlier and since it came back as atypical, my doctor put this one on the “watch list”.

Things happened and I hadn’t thought about it for several years until fortuitously, I was having lunch with a nurse who happened to notice the mole on the back of my leg as I walked out of the restaurant. Thanks to her insistence, I got it checked and on November 14, 2019, it came back as malignant melanoma, superficial spreading subtype, Clark’s Level IV, Breslow depth 1.05 mm pT2.

On December 24, 2019, I had surgery by a Surgical Oncologist who performed a wide excision and a Sentinel Node Biopsy. Although I was told to expect a skin graft, I did not have to have one. As the new year approaches, I am praying for good results.
Most important message – DON’T WATCH ANYTHING – HAVE IT REMOVED!