Survivor Stories

Gerald Simpson, Stage IV

Diagnosed: 9/09/2009

This was one of the biggest hits. I didn’t know what to! Who to talk to! Where to go! I only thought I was headed for 1 place. I have survived 6 heart attacks several stents and finally  open heart surgery. When I thought I could think OK I said that I am going to give this one hell of a go. Well with the odds given to me that 80 percent of the patients don’t finish the treatment that I was about to start I looked at Dr Ernst and I said well Buddy I am going to be part of the 20 percent.

Well lo and behold here I am today being able to see my 1st grandchild and now 5 of them. I had to find my way to thank London Regional Cancer Society so I proceeded to get a tattoo, which I am dead against but I had to. I thought I cannot afford to bring chocolates every visit. I just want people to know I am only a little fella and if I can do it anyone can. NEVER GIVE UP! Oh and by the way don’t complain about parking look at what they did for me. Again Thank You from the bottom of my heart. GS.