Survivor Stories

Keith Woolley

I was diagnosed with Stage I melanoma based on my wife identifying a small dot below my right shoulder blade in April of 2021. I had in-patient surgery by my dermatologist and was told that I was extremely lucky and dodged a bullet. The genetic testing suggested a very low probability of metastasis. In December of 2022 I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastasis melanoma in my brain after a major seizure sent me to the ER. Five days later, I had a craniotomy at CU Health, and two weeks I had a later gamma knife procedure to remove two smaller tumors. I then went on dual I/O therapy every three weeks for four infusions. My most recent PET showed no active disease in my body and a COMPLETE RESPONSE. I will continue on I/O therapy for the next 18 months every four weeks. I am extremely fortunate and want to pay my good fortune forward.


Keith Woolley
Date of Diagnosis: 12/17/2022
Age 58
Stage IV
Denver, Colorado