Lori Mitchell, Mucosal Melanoma

Diagnosed 12/14/17

I was diagnosed with Mucosal Melanoma in my sinuses which included my orbit in December 2017. I  had surgery at UCLA which included enuncleation of my right eye. SBRT radiation followed and in April 2018 METS to neck lungs abdomen and pelvis. I started immunotherapy of opdivo and yervoy in May 2018.

After 2nd treatment I lost vision in my left eye. Immediately received treatment of steroid injection in left eye from Tara McCannel at UCLA. Vision slowly came back. Completed 3rd combo treatment and all mets were gone. I have been cancer free since September 2018. My mother has been my rock researching treatments and side effects so I know what to expect. She calls me daily and helps me in everything I need. Because of all the support I have received from mucosal melanoma warriors and their Facebook page I remained positive. I retired after 42 years as a legal assistant. Hoping to travel, hike and do a little bit of gardening.