Vaccines 2021—Major Advances in Preventing Death from Infection and Malignancy

By Kim Margolin, M.D., FACP, FASCO Vaccine background and brief history The word “vaccine” comes from the Latin word vacca for “cow” and relates to early research by Edward Jenner that found people who had cowpox virus infection were protected against later smallpox infection. “To vaccinate” thus became the verb used to describe the process of using the material from … Read More

Using Facebook For Good

One of the most common questions we are asked here at AIM by patients, families, and friends is How can I help? We usually answer with a question: What interests you? We strive to have a variety of opportunities for those who want to volunteer. For those who tell us that they want to fundraise or that they want to … Read More

FDA Takes Steps Aimed at Improving Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Sunscreens

For Immediate Release: September 24, 2021 (repost from FDA) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today took steps aimed at improving the quality, safety, and efficacy of sunscreens as part of its implementation of new authorities for certain over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. In the short term, these new authorities essentially preserve status quo marketing conditions for these sunscreens. However, the agency … Read More

International Survivor Spotlight: José Correia, Portugal

By Mara Klecker José Correia’s melanoma diagnosis was nearly a quarter-century ago, but he is committed to spreading awareness about the disease, especially in his home country of Portugal. The 86-year-old aims to help produce an hour-long television program featuring dermatologists and oncologists sharing information about melanoma prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. He also plans to share his own survival story … Read More

Making the Cut For Melanoma: A Mom’s Motivation

  By Mara Klecker As a social service director working in long-term care, Traci Cunningham made a promise to her residents during the COVID-19 pandemic: She wouldn’t cut her hair until pandemic precautions were lifted and they, too, could get to a salon. By late 2020 her hair had grown past her waist. Besides making it a fun event for … Read More

President’s Letter | September 2021

Presidents Update Front the desk of Samantha Guild

From the Desk of Samantha Guild As I reviewed the articles for this month’s newsletter, I thought about the fact that AIM at Melanoma, and the greater melanoma community, is nothing if not—to use the term currently in the public domain—led by science. Research is science. And research is the key; it’s the future; it’s the way to the cure. … Read More

What is Translational Medicine?

By Maria Libera Ascierto, MS, PhD Associate Professor Translational Cancer Immunology Director “The Rosalie and Harold R Brown Cancer Immunotherapy” Program Providence Saint John’s Cancer Institute One issue in medicine is the lack of connection that can sometimes exist between the clinic—where patients are seen and treated—and the laboratory—where research is conducted. This lack of connection is often a translation … Read More

Melanoma by the State: Oregon

Let’s start with some fun facts about Oregon: Oregon boasts the deepest lake in the U.S., Crater Lake, with a depth of nearly 2000 feet. It is home to the shortest river, called D River, a mere 121 feet long. The tallest barber pole stands in Forest Grove and measures a whopping 72 feet. Finally—and for some, it’s the most … Read More

Motherhood and Melanoma: Raleigh Minning, Stage III Melanoma Survivor

By Mara Klecker One of the only times Raleigh Minning cried during her melanoma journey was when she thought of the possibility that her newborn son may not have memories of her if the disease took her life. She’d just undergone a full lymph node dissection—only weeks after giving birth—and was still trying to nurse and pump milk for her … Read More

Immunotherapy treatment may be appropriate for patients with earlier stages of melanoma

Breaking News Melanoma Research

Source: University of Pittsburgh (September 20, 2021) An immunotherapy called pembrolizumab reduced cancer recurrence after surgery in patients with stage IIb and IIc melanoma, according to the results of an international, randomized phase III clinical trial led by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. These results indicate that this immunotherapy treatment-; which currently is approved only for stage III and IV melanomas-; … Read More