Become a Member of the Supporters Guild


“How Can I Help?”

Fortunately for AIM, so many of you call or write us and ask this question. And our general answer is always get involved: volunteer, raise funds, give funds, share our messaging, join a Walk, and so on. Then we try to help you get involved in a way that pleases you, and we write newsletter articles like this one to explain specific ways that might be of interest to you.

This month we’d like to introduce you to one of the easiest ways to give, which is by joining the Supporters Guild, AIM’s monthly giving program.

For those who want to give—large amounts or small—it’s simple. You sign up once —it takes less than five minutes—and we do the rest. You get to spread your gift over time with automatic, recurring contributions. You choose how much to give and for how long, and you can change the amount or cancel at any time.

But what is so simple for you is transformative for us, especially when you consider the power of the Guild as a whole. The Supporters Guild creates a stable source of funding for AIM so your donation dollars can make a bigger impact on scientific research and on the lives of melanoma patients.

The Supporters Guild is named in memory of Charlie Guild, who lost her battle with melanoma in 2003. When Charlie was diagnosed with melanoma just nine months earlier, there was very little information available for newly diagnosed patients and no successful treatments. Before Charlie passed away, her desire was to ease the pathway for others battling this disease, which in turn led to the creation of AIM at Melanoma Foundation. Your monthly donation helps us fulfill Charlie’s vision.

Supporters Guild members receive 20% off any purchase at our online store that sells melanoma awareness apparel.

We’d love to have you as a member of the Supporters Guild. Please join us!