After Melanoma, A Good Life Gets Even Better

  By Vallerie A. Malkin Edgar Allan Poe said: “Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.” These wise words by Poe could just as well have been uttered by Bob Polkinghorn, a 71-year-old melanoma survivor who credits the disease with making his personal foundation stronger. “I didn’t know how much of a blessing it was,” says Bob, who … Read More

Carrie Jeffries Talks About Melanoma and Adaptability

By Vallerie A. Malkin Carrie Jeffries describes her style as “vampire”: The 33-year-old new mom has white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, and the only lipstick she ever wears is deep red. It’s a great look that gets her noticed in a crowd. Unfortunately, Carrie is also the poster child for sunburns. Her family is of Irish and Scottish … Read More

Julie Frampton: Part of the Solution

Julie Frampton was 34 years old when her daughter spotted a bloody mole on Julie’s back, right between her shoulder blades. That bloody mole would turn out to be melanoma, and that diagnosis was the start of a new world for her. The melanoma was, of course, removed, leaving a scar on her back that Julie says resembles a shark … Read More

AIM at Melanoma Opens the Second Branch of Fresh Frozen Primary Tissue Bank at Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center

September 9, 2019 (San Rafael, California) AIM at Melanoma announces the grand opening of the second branch of the International Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium (IMTBC) at Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco.  The San Francisco site is one of six global locations of the consortium. These six institutions and their researchers will collect a critical mass of … Read More

Physician Assistant Diagnosed with Melanoma Learns to Make Really Good Lemonade

By Vallerie A. Malkin If anyone knows cancer, it’s physician assistant Barbara Regis. She is a 56-year-old fourth-generation health care provider who has been counseling her family practice patients with cancer for over 22 years. So when a lesion showed up on her own arm last year, she knew she should probably get to the dermatologist, but like most busy … Read More

The Tutu Brothers: Using Skirts and Sneakers to Fight Melanoma

By Vallerie A. Malkin Fighting advanced stage melanoma in a tutu when you’re a man isn’t the norm, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Just ask Mark Williams and Rich McDonald, aka, The Tutu Brothers. They are a dynamic duo in the vein of Batman and Robin who have similar aspirations: They want to save the world, … Read More

Firefighter Diagnosed with Melanoma Spreads Awareness to Save Lives

By Vallerie A. Malkin Like most public safety personnel, firefighter Seth Bice is used to taking charge of a situation so he can save lives. So when a trip to the dermatologist to see about a bleeding mole turned up melanoma, he admits he was knocked off his feet. In his career as a paid firefighter in Georgia at Cobb … Read More

In Plain English: Options for Stage III Melanoma

Our new guide, Options for Stage III Melanoma: Making the Decision That’s Right for You, is written for patients, families, and caregivers, in language all of us can understand. It’s a thorough exploration of all of the options for Stage III patients, and the many considerations of each option, including side effects, fertility issues, financial issues, and drug administration. This … Read More

The Conversation Has Changed For Stage III Melanoma

Stage III Melanoma—High Risk for Recurrence and (Now) Multiple Options Stage III adjuvant treatment options were for many years limited and stark—because there were only two options. From 1995 until 2015 those options were surveillance or high-dose Interferon. Those options were typically given to a patient by an oncologist after the patient’s primary tumor was surgically removed and there was … Read More