Fear of Cancer Recurrence


Surviving cancer or finishing treatment often leaves survivors feeling elated, as if they’ve conquered the world. However, there’s also a profound, more vulnerable emotion that many experience: the fear of recurrence, or the dread of cancer returning.

Although it’s a common fear among survivors, dealing with this fear can be challenging. It poses a significant obstacle, particularly when all you desire is to progress and live your life.

To learn more about fear of recurrence and how to manage it, we tapped an expert at Banner Health, Dr. Rena Szabo, PsyD as our guest for this episode.

Dr. Szabo works at the intersection of psychology and medicine. Dr. Szabo specializes in exploring the biological, psychological, cultural, societal, spiritual, and environmental factors of life and how each of these affects physical health and quality of life. Her use of evidence-based practices within an integrative oncology setting allows her to provide holistic, person-centered care.